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Keynote speaker

We’re excited to announce Justyna Lucznik as our keynote speaker for this year. Leading the Microsoft Fabric Data Engineering & Data Science PM team, her expertise spans lakehouse architecture, notebooks, Spark jobs, and model experimentation. In her presentation, she will shed light on the Microsoft Fabric Vision & Roadmap. Microsoft Fabric represents an integrated analytics ecosystem, designed to consolidate all essential data and analytics resources. It integrates… Read More »Keynote speaker

Meet the Speakers

The lineup for the 2024 Data Platform Next Step conference is officially announced! With an overwhelming response of 129 submissions, the task of narrowing down to just 18 slots for presentations was no small feat. We’re excited to share the full roster of speakers, which can be viewed at the conference website. We encourage you to explore the list; it’s as impressive to us as… Read More »Meet the Speakers

Call-for-Speakers closes soon

Don’t forget to submit your proposals for the Data Platform Next Step conference – time is running out! The Call-for-Speakers will close at the end of the day on Tuesday, January 23rd, precisely at 11:59 PM CET. The selection process for sessions will begin immediately after the deadline, and we aim to provide feedback within 10 days. This process is challenging, as we consider various… Read More »Call-for-Speakers closes soon

Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric

Excited to share the launch of our first training day! Connect with Wolfgang Strasser and Erwin de Kreuk for an immersive full-day session on Data Governance using Microsoft Fabric, happening on Thursday, June 13th! As data becomes central to digital transformation, the need to manage, protect, and monitor sensitive information is crucial. We’ll dive into how Microsoft Fabric and Purview can be your solution to… Read More »Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric

Call-for-Speakers is open

We look forward to receive your submissions to deliver a 45 minute breakout session on the upcoming Data Platform Next Step conference in Copenhagen on June 13-14, 2024. We’re on the lookout for sessions about Fabric, Synapse Analytics, Databricks, Data Factory, Data Lake, Stream Analytics, Purview, SQL Server, and other relevant tools. The conference focus on Microsoft Data Platform users who are keen to take the… Read More »Call-for-Speakers is open

Keynote by Bogdan Crivat

We’re happy and proud to announce Bogdan Crivat as the keynote speaker on the Data Platform Next Step conference. Bogdan is Vice President of Azure Synapse Analytics where he is building the Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Warehousing analytics workloads. Join the keynote to learn about the latest developments in analytics with Microsoft. From data integration and engineering to data science and business intelligence,… Read More »Keynote by Bogdan Crivat

Speaker announcement #3

We’re ready to introduce the last batch of speakers on the Data Platform Next Step conference, that takes place at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Billund on June 8-9. Common for all – they build and work with the tools at a daily basis at Microsoft. All these sessions are then directly from the source – without the marketing!

Speaker announcement #2

Here we present the next 6 amazing sessions we have on the Data Platform Next Step conference. They are joining us at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Billund from Netherlands, Serbia, Denmark, Finland and United Kingdom. Tickets are selling quick and we expect to sell out. So why not register now? And be sure to get your prefered training day!

Speaker announcement #1

This is the first of three posts to highlight the incredible lineup of speakers we have on this years Data Platform Next Step Conference. They are joining us in Billund, Denmark on June 8th and 9th from United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland and Serbia.

Call for speakers ends soon

Remember to submit your sessions to the Data Platform Next Step conference. Time is running out! The Call-for-Speakers is only open until end of day Friday 24th – that’s at 11:59pm CET. We will start the session evaluation and selection right after the deadline and the plan is to send out feedback within 7-10 days. We expect you to confirm your selection within 3 days. We’re… Read More »Call for speakers ends soon