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Training sessions

Three full-day concurrent sessions

Specialized training on Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Data Governance

Discover how Microsoft Fabric and Purview address data management challenges, ensuring compliance, security, and governance for data professionals and IT administrators, with practical applications and account requirements.

By Wolfgang Strasser and Erwin de Kreuk

Data Warehouse

A day-long session on data architecture using Fabric DW, covering its fundamentals, integration strategies, and hands-on labs. Bring your laptop for interactive learning on implementing and optimizing data warehouses.

By Artur Viera, Filip Popović and Lars Andersen

Real-Time Intelligence

A full-day training on designing scalable architectures for high-velocity data, using SQL/KQL for real-time intelligence with Microsoft Fabric, focusing on high throughput ingestion and on-the-fly aggregations.

By Paul Andrew and Devang Shah