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Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric

Excited to share the launch of our first training day! Connect with Wolfgang Strasser and Erwin de Kreuk for an immersive full-day session on Data Governance using Microsoft Fabric, happening on Thursday, June 13th!

As data becomes central to digital transformation, the need to manage, protect, and monitor sensitive information is crucial. We’ll dive into how Microsoft Fabric and Purview can be your solution to these challenges, offering a unified platform for data-driven insights and actions.

Key Takeaways:
🔒 Learn to secure and comply your data across various environments.
🛠️ Master the basics of Microsoft Fabric’s governance, like endorsement, metadata scanning, and lineage.
🔎 Discover and classify data with Microsoft Purview, ensuring protection with sensitivity labels and policies.
🗺️ Create a comprehensive data map, including classification and lineage.
📊 Monitor and report on your data’s activities and compliance status.

Perfect for data professionals, business analysts, and IT admins, this workshop will equip you with the skills to effectively govern your data estate. Don’t miss out – just bring your Microsoft Fabric and Purview accounts and a basic understanding of their features!

Ticket sale will open in January!