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After Hours Social

After the training sessions on the first day, we host additional events for those with a full package ticket. These events are free to attend, and we hope you’ll join us for some extra time in a cozy environment. During the Ask Me Anything session, you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered directly by the Microsoft product team, featuring Justyna Lucznik, Benni De Jagere, Devang Shah, Lars… Read More »After Hours Social

World’s First Fabric Real-Time Intelligence Training

Did you hear the news? Fabric Real-Time Analytics has been extended and rebranded as Fabric Real-Time Intelligence! This exciting announcement was made at the Microsoft Build conference last week, and we are thrilled to bring this update to you at the Data Platform Next Step event. Both Paul Andrew and Devang Shah, who have been part of the private preview, are eager to share their knowledge with you.… Read More »World’s First Fabric Real-Time Intelligence Training

New Microsoft Purview portal launched

Exciting News! Join us on June 13th for the “Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric” workshop! With the new Microsoft Purview portal launched, Wolfgang Strasser and Erwin de Kreuk supported by the Microsoft Product Group, will guide you through essential concepts like Data Map, Data Curation, Data Business Domains, Data Quality, OKRs, and Data Estate Health. Microsoft Purview for Data Governance. By the business. For the… Read More »New Microsoft Purview portal launched

Real-time Analytics with Fabric

Join us for an exclusive Training Day focused on Real-Time Analytics with Microsoft Fabric, designed for data/solution architects and decision-makers. This immersive full-day event on Thursday, June 13th, will cover the latest in high throughput ingestion and query stream tools, architectures for scaling, SQL and KQL querying, and building real-time analytics solutions. Led by Data Platform MVP and experienced technical architect, Paul Andrew, you’ll gain… Read More »Real-time Analytics with Fabric

Fabric Data Warehouse Deep dive

We’re excited to reveal our second training day event, set to take place on June 13th. This event will be led by Artur Vieira, Filip Popović & Lars Andersen from the Microsoft Fabric team. The session will encompass a full-day exploration into the Fabric Data Warehouse. We’ll kick off with a broad overview of Fabric DW, delving into its essential concepts, practical uses, and key benefits. Then, we’ll move into understanding… Read More »Fabric Data Warehouse Deep dive

Call-for-Speakers closes soon

Don’t forget to submit your proposals for the Data Platform Next Step conference – time is running out! The Call-for-Speakers will close at the end of the day on Tuesday, January 23rd, precisely at 11:59 PM CET. The selection process for sessions will begin immediately after the deadline, and we aim to provide feedback within 10 days. This process is challenging, as we consider various… Read More »Call-for-Speakers closes soon

Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric

Excited to share the launch of our first training day! Connect with Wolfgang Strasser and Erwin de Kreuk for an immersive full-day session on Data Governance using Microsoft Fabric, happening on Thursday, June 13th! As data becomes central to digital transformation, the need to manage, protect, and monitor sensitive information is crucial. We’ll dive into how Microsoft Fabric and Purview can be your solution to… Read More »Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric on the agenda

The news is out! Fabric is Microsoft’s new lake-centric software-as-a-service solution for data integration, data engineering, data warehousing, data science, real-time analytics, applied observability, and business intelligence. It’s an evolution of Azure Synapse with a suite of analytical experiences that work seamlessly together. We are incredibly excited to be the first community conferences to put Microsoft Fabric on the agenda! How does this affect Data… Read More »Microsoft Fabric on the agenda

Keynote by Bogdan Crivat

We’re happy and proud to announce Bogdan Crivat as the keynote speaker on the Data Platform Next Step conference. Bogdan is Vice President of Azure Synapse Analytics where he is building the Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Warehousing analytics workloads. Join the keynote to learn about the latest developments in analytics with Microsoft. From data integration and engineering to data science and business intelligence,… Read More »Keynote by Bogdan Crivat