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April 2024

Keynote speaker

We’re excited to announce Justyna Lucznik as our keynote speaker for this year. Leading the Microsoft Fabric Data Engineering & Data Science PM team, her expertise spans lakehouse architecture, notebooks, Spark jobs, and model experimentation. In her presentation, she will shed light on the Microsoft Fabric Vision & Roadmap. Microsoft Fabric represents an integrated analytics ecosystem, designed to consolidate all essential data and analytics resources. It integrates… Read More »Keynote speaker

Thrilled to announce our last premium sponsor!

Exmon mission is to empower businesses to make accurate decisions based on real-time data. The world is changing, and companies are increasingly becoming more digital and data-driven in their decisions – that’s why organizations need a world-class data tool that they can rely on, to ensure data integrity. In December 2023, they were acquired by TimeXtender. With a shared vision to simplify data management and… Read More »Thrilled to announce our last premium sponsor!