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Fabric Data Warehouse Deep dive

We’re excited to reveal our second training day event, set to take place on June 13th. This event will be led by Artur Vieira, Filip Popović & Lars Andersen from the Microsoft Fabric team.

The session will encompass a full-day exploration into the Fabric Data Warehouse. We’ll kick off with a broad overview of Fabric DW, delving into its essential concepts, practical uses, and key benefits. Then, we’ll move into understanding how Fabric facilitates streamlined integration and effective orchestration, illustrated through real-world case studies and successful implementations.

The training will also offer hands-on experience in integrating Fabric into data warehouse environments, perfect for those looking to apply practical knowledge. Lastly, we’ll take a deep dive into the specific features of Fabric, including its pipeline structures, scalability solutions, and performance optimization techniques.

This comprehensive session is designed to enhance your skills and understanding in data management using Fabric DW. Don’t forget your laptop for the interactive labs!