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A Day of Delta Lakehouse

We’re now ready to announce our second training day offering. It will be hosted on June 8th and delivered by Simon Whiteley – Data Platform MVP. Databricks Beacon. Cloud Architect and Nerd.

This training day starts with the absolute fundamentals, demystifying the engine behind spark and giving you the much-needed context for how it works. We’ll then run through some hands-on exercises to teach you how to work with spark, some tips & tricks for building reliable workflows and show you how to bring your existing SQL skills to the party. We’ll then talk about Delta – the open file format that has revolutionized how we build data lakes. We’ll end the day looking at the more unique features of Databricks, from the photon-powered Databricks SQL serving layer to the self-managing data pipelines with Delta Live Tables, and some other goodies on the way.