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Just Blindbæk

Microsoft Fabric on the agenda

The news is out! Fabric is Microsoft’s new lake-centric software-as-a-service solution for data integration, data engineering, data warehousing, data science, real-time analytics, applied observability, and business intelligence. It’s an evolution of Azure Synapse with a suite of analytical experiences that work seamlessly together. We are incredibly excited to be the first community conferences to put Microsoft Fabric on the agenda! How does this affect Data… Read More »Microsoft Fabric on the agenda

After Hours Social & Networking

After the training sessions on the first day, we host some additional events, that you can join, if you have a full package ticket. They are all free to attend, but the last one requires sign-up. Invitation to join the conference dinner is send to attendees with a “Full package” ticket.

The full sponsor lineup

We have five Premium Sponsors that will be present with a booth at the conference: – twoday kapacity– ITPA Consulting ApS– dataon– Snowflake– Microsoft And then we have six standard sponsors: – Orange Man– KPMG Denmark– Stoltze IT– Fellowmind– Exmon– TimeXtender We’re really grateful for the support, as this means we can keep the ticket price low and give a little extra to the speakers.

Schedule is online

The schedule of all the 18 break-out sessions on June 9th is now online! We start the day with registration and breakfast from 8 to 9 and then we have the keynote by Bogdan Crivat from 9 to 10. From here we have three tracks with six sessions in each – where you can choose and pick. Each session is 45 minutes with a 15 minutes break… Read More »Schedule is online

Keynote by Bogdan Crivat

We’re happy and proud to announce Bogdan Crivat as the keynote speaker on the Data Platform Next Step conference. Bogdan is Vice President of Azure Synapse Analytics where he is building the Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Warehousing analytics workloads. Join the keynote to learn about the latest developments in analytics with Microsoft. From data integration and engineering to data science and business intelligence,… Read More »Keynote by Bogdan Crivat

Speaker announcement #3

We’re ready to introduce the last batch of speakers on the Data Platform Next Step conference, that takes place at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Billund on June 8-9. Common for all – they build and work with the tools at a daily basis at Microsoft. All these sessions are then directly from the source – without the marketing!

Speaker announcement #2

Here we present the next 6 amazing sessions we have on the Data Platform Next Step conference. They are joining us at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Billund from Netherlands, Serbia, Denmark, Finland and United Kingdom. Tickets are selling quick and we expect to sell out. So why not register now? And be sure to get your prefered training day!

Speaker announcement #1

This is the first of three posts to highlight the incredible lineup of speakers we have on this years Data Platform Next Step Conference. They are joining us in Billund, Denmark on June 8th and 9th from United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland and Serbia.